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#389768 Leon the lion on The Cockpit.

Posted Leonhardt on November 17 2013 - 11:26 AM

This is his evil plot to get more likes. Like my post and say no to Nepts exploitation. If I get 100 likes I will dress as a lion for the next episode of The Cockpit.

If I get 200 I will talk like Mufasa for the whole show.

#26031 Complete Your Account to Reserve Your Callsign!

Posted Scapes on September 17 2012 - 02:05 PM

Hello mech pilots!

The official HAWKEN website has relaunched along with our account management system (AMS), the software which stores your profile information. We're sending out emails so that players can complete their account information for the new system and reserve their callsigns. Here is the TLDR version:
  • If you enlisted before September 14, click on the link we sent to complete your account and choose your callsign.
  • If you enlisted before September 14 and referred three friends via your referral link, click on the link we sent to confirm your callsign.
  • Completing your account via an email link does not affect your eligibility for Closed Beta: you're still enlisted!
  • Re-registering your account also does not affect your eligibility for Closed Beta as long as you used the same email address as your original account.
  • If you're reading this while logged into the HAWKEN forums, you're already set!
  • Haven't made your HAWKEN account and registered for Closed Beta yet_ Enlist today!
Thanks for joining us on HAWKEN's journey to launch! We'll have more details about pre-release test events very soon.

UPDATE: Looking to change your HAWKEN callsign_ Visit this thread for instructions!

#305832 From Japan with Love

Posted BUMP720 on July 07 2013 - 03:04 AM

I made ​​a cr

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  • 114a.jpg
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  • 105.jpg

#25287 Official HAWKEN Forum Rules

Posted Scapes on September 14 2012 - 07:48 PM

Official HAWKEN Forum Rules

Please read these rules in full. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse violation of them. Violations may result in temporary suspension from the official HAWKEN forums or permanent closure of the account in question. Participating on the official HAWKEN forums is a privilege granted by Meteor Entertainment, not a right, and may be revoked for a temporary or permanent duration. For more information, please consult our End-User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

1) CONTENT: The following sections outline language, expressions, images, and naming of characters, accounts, or guilds, clear or masked, which is not allowed on the HAWKEN official forums.

A. Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Life Choices, Religion, and Politics
  • Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of racial, ethnic, national, life choice, religious, or political hatred or slurs.
  • Anything related to politics.
  • Anything related to religion.
B. Sexuality and Violence
  • Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of excessively sexual or violent acts.
  • Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of minors in sexual situations.
  • Anything that insults or demeans any aspect of any sexual orientation.
  • Anything construed as pornographic.
  • Any references to violence occurring outside of HAWKEN.
C. Personal Information, Attacks, and Threats
  • Any release of personal information about yourself, other individuals, or Meteor Entertainment employees.
  • Any language that can be perceived as an attack against other individuals or Meteor Entertainment employees.
  • Any threats, veiled or otherwise, made against yourself, other individuals, or Meteor Entertainment employees.
D. Inappropriate Obscenity, Vulgarity, and Profanity
  • Anything construed as referring to human anatomy or bodily functions inappropriately.
  • Anything construed as excessively crude or offensive.
E. Illegal Activity
  • Requesting, arranging, or offering copyright infringement (piracy), illegal activities, or illegal drugs.
  • Discussing illegal activity committed personally.
F. Harassment and Defamatory Statements
  • Anything construed as referring to other individuals or Meteor Entertainment employees using any disallowed content or behavior.
G. Discussion of Moderator Action
  • Excessive and direct reference to past, present, or future moderator action on the official HAWKEN forums.
  • Excessive discussion or debate of the official HAWKEN forums rules.
H. Foreign Languages
  • Use of foreign languages to circumvent moderation.
I. Call-Outs
  • "Calling out" other users or Team HAWKEN staff in the title or content of a thread or post.
2) BEHAVIOR: The following sections outline actions which are not allowed on the official HAWKEN forums.

A. Disruption
  • Any language or actions intended to disturb other individuals.
  • Any disruption or exploitation of contests and promotions.
  • Disruptive practical jokes on any day other than April 1.
B. Spamming and Post Content
  • Excessive repetition of a single phrase, similar phrases, image or images, or incoherent gibberish.
  • Excessive use of Caps Lock.
  • "First posting".
  • Posts with minimal or no content.
  • Posts that do not contribute to the overall conversation.
  • Threads or posts whose primary purpose is dramatic effect rather than substantive discussion.
  • "Goodbye" threads. Please note, "goodbye" threads will result in immediate thread removal and the author's permanent suspension from the forums.
  • Posts made only to "bump" a thread to the front page of that forum section.
C. Advertising
  • Any promotion of non-Meteor Entertainment, non-HAWKEN commercial ventures.
D. Scamming
  • Acquiring items, currency, or any other in-game possessions from another individual through misinformation, confusion, or fraud.
E. Cheating
  • All forms of illegal or unfair gameplay including the use of third-party applications to improve performance.
F. Multiple Accounts and Impersonation
  • Creation of multiple accounts by a single individual solely for use on the official forums.
  • Creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of evading suspension or account closure.
  • Any impersonation of other individuals or Meteor Entertainment, Adhesive Games, or their partners' employees. Note: All Meteor Entertainment, Adhesive Games, and partner company representatives are required to have a custom title denoting their position and employer, so you will always be aware of whom is a company representative.
G. Misrepresentation
  • Misrepresentation of Meteor Entertainment, Adhesive Games, or their partners. This includes falsely quoting moderators or staff members, or quoting moderators or staff members in such a way that the content or context of the material quoted is changed.
H. Trading In-Game Items or Accounts for Real-World Currency
  • Requesting, arranging, or offering the exchange of in-game items or accounts for real-world currency.
  • Requesting, arranging, or offering the exchange of real-world currency.
3) MODERATOR PREROGATIVE: Interpretation of the above rules is at the sole discretion of the moderators. Content and behavior outside of these listed rules are also subject to moderator review and action. All decisions made by Meteor Entertainment moderators are final.

4) ACCOUNT CLOSURE: Account closures executed by the Meteor Entertainment moderators are permanent. New accounts made by owners of closed accounts will be summarily closed.

5) PUBLIC IDENTITY: Public identities are subject to these rules. Account holders with public identities that are in violation of these rules may be contacted and asked to change their public identity or otherwise warned or suspended from the official HAWKEN forums. If a new appropriate public identity is not provided by the account holder in a reasonable amount of time, it will be changed to an appropriate public identity by Meteor Entertainment staff.

Accounts found to be violating these rules may:
  • Be given a warning.
  • Be given a final warning where any further violations will result in suspension from the official HAWKEN forums or account closure.
  • Be temporarily suspended from the official HAWKEN forums.
  • Be permanently closed.
This list of rules will be updated as necessary.

#244327 HAWKEN in a Nutshell: Expressing HAWKEN Situations with GIFs

Posted TheVulong on April 02 2013 - 11:06 AM

Expressing random Hawken situations through gifs. Cause why not_

Infiltrator VS any C-class mech:

Trying to shoot someone at the top of the AA:

Trying to escape when all of you teammates got killed:

SS on the horizon:

I heard you like stealing frags:

"The 2300+ MMR anti-Pubstomper Club:" thread:

Brawler VS multiple "A"s:

#84442 Second Closed Beta Event and Vanguard Initiative Announced!

Posted Scapes on November 05 2012 - 07:12 AM

Can't stop thinking about HAWKEN_ Then it must be time to return to the field of battle!

We're proud to announce that HAWKEN's second Closed Beta event will begin this week from Thursday, November 8, to Tuesday, November 13. Be sure to follow HAWKEN on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Raptr, and Reddit for the latest news about Closed Beta code giveaways. Already participated in one of our previous events_ Then you're all set for Closed Beta Event 2 and don't need to redeem a new code!

We're also announcing that we'll be offering pre-sale bundle packages to kick off this event. HAWKEN fans can join the Vanguard Initiative by purchasing one of four bundles. Bundles will be pre-sold at a discount here on PlayHawken.com and will be priced at $5, $15, $30, and $60. Items and currencies granted by these bundles will be in pilots' mech garages at Open Beta on December 12, 2012 (12/12/12).

Get ready to mount up, mech pilots! More details on the Vanguard Initiative and Closed Beta Event 2 are coming this week!

#64756 Announcing the HAWKEN Closed Beta

Posted Scapes on October 11 2012 - 10:02 PM

We're very excited to announce the first details on Closed Beta! The initial HAWKEN Closed Beta test will be held in two weeks on the weekend of October 26.

This test will have a much larger tester pool than Alpha 2 and will include participants of our previous tests. Invitations will start to appear as early as this week and can be applied to your account by logging in to PlayHawken.com and clicking "Redeem Code". This will be the first of a series of Closed Beta tests, all of which will allow you to capture footage and screenshots and share them publicly. These Closed Beta tests will lead up to Open Beta on December 12, 2012.

Got questions about HAWKEN's next test phase_ We've anticipated the most common ones and answered them below!

When is Closed Beta_
Our initial Closed Beta test will take place Friday October 26 to Monday October 29. Servers will close at 11:59 PM on Monday.

I was in Alpha 2, do I automatically get Closed Beta access_
Yes! If you were one of our lucky Alpha 2 participants, you WILL be automatically included in our Closed Beta.

How do I get into Closed Beta_
Didn't make it into Alpha 2_ Never fear, we'll be releasing codes for Closed Beta. Keep your eyes peeled on here on the forums, on Twitter, and Facebook for where to find these codes when they're released.

Where can I get a code_
We've given codes to a few select partners, and when we hear they're handing out codes, we'll be sure to announce it on Twitter and Facebook, as well as here on the forums.

How do I redeem my code_
Got your hands on a Closed Beta code_ Congrats! Log into your account (or create one!) on the PlayHawken.com website. See on the upper right side of the navigation bar there_ That little section that says "Redeem Code"_ Click that and put your code in!

How do I download the Closed Beta client_
Once we're ready to release the Closed Beta client, you'll receive an email from us with a download link. You will need to uninstall the Alpha 2 client if you have it installed.

How will I know when Closed Beta is happening_
You can either watch for announcements on the forums and social channels OR check your email. We'll be sending an email to everyone who's redeemed a Closed Beta code or who was part of a previous Alpha test an email when Closed Beta is ready to go that will include a download link.

Will Closed Beta have a non-disclosure agreement_
No, you will be free to capture footage and screenshots from Closed Beta and share them publicly.

Does this mean the non-disclosure agreement on Alpha 2 is lifted_
No, the Alpha 2 non-disclosure agreement has NOT been lifted.

We look forward to seeing the HAWKEN community climbing into their mechs for Closed Beta on October 26!

#112431 HAWKEN Open Beta: December 12, 2012

Posted Scapes on December 07 2012 - 07:18 PM

Posted Image

The time is almost here! HAWKEN enters Open Beta this coming Wednesday, December 12, 2012. Servers will be coming online at about 12:00 PM PST. The HAWKEN Open Beta launch trailer will premiere at the Inside Gaming Awards, presented by Machinima in Los Angeles, CA on December 8. It will debut on Machinima's YouTube channel and PlayHAWKEN.com on the following day.

We'd like to extend a big "thank you" to the HAWKEN community for its diligent testing and thoughtful feedback over the past months of Alpha and Closed Beta Events. You are the reason we're here.

With that in mind, let's address some of the common questions you may have about the transition from Closed Beta to Open Beta.
  • What carries over from Closed Beta to Open Beta_
    • To set a level playing field for all pilots, we will be resetting all accounts' progress in HAWKEN before the start of Open Beta. This means you will start HAWKEN with a level 1 Assault mech (unless you joined the Vanguard Initiative).
  • Will I lose my friends list in the wipe_
    • We're working to make it so that your account keeps its Closed Beta friends list intact.
  • Will there be wipes during Open Beta_
    • No, there should not be any total progress resets after HAWKEN enters Open Beta.
  • Do we get 4800 Meteor Credits again when Open Beta starts like in Closed Beta_
    • No, your account will only have an initial balance of Meteor Credits if they were purchased via the Vanguard Initiative.
  • How soon can we download the Open Beta_
    • We aim to make the Open Beta client downloadable before the start of the event. More details to come.
  • Will the Open Beta client require a new installation or can Closed Beta players simply update via the Closed Beta launcher_
    • The Closed Beta client will update to the Open Beta client. Just run the launcher!
  • Will there be servers available in my region_
    • We have servers available in for multiple regions and will be adding more as demand dictates. Current regions include US West, US East, UK, Asia North, Asia South, and Oceania.
  • Will we be able to delete mechs from the garage_
    • No, you cannot delete mechs from your garage at this time.
  • Will Open Beta be playable on platforms other than PC_
    • At this time, we are focusing on developing HAWKEN for PC.
  • Will we be able to change callsigns_
    • We do plan to allow players to change their account callsigns in the near future. This will be a premium service.
  • When does Open Beta end_
    • As explained by Adhesive Games Co-Founder and Lead Animator Chris Lalli, Open Beta allows the community to have the ability to shape HAWKEN and be part of its development. We'll have more details on the end of Open Beta when it approaches.
Still have questions_ Feel free to ask them in this thread.

See you on the battlefield soon, pilots!

#93083 Closed Beta Event 3 Dates Announced!

Posted Hugs_ on November 14 2012 - 12:35 PM

Good news, Pilots!

CBE2 is now closed and we thank everyone that participated for your tireless efforts and patience with our game as we work to make it faster, stronger, and better.

We're currently analyzing all the fantastic feedback and info you've provided us during CBE2. We've also made a short survey that we'd truly appreciate you taking the time to respond to: HAWKEN CBE2 SURVEY
(Direct link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5NPY5GT)

If you're itching for more time on the battlefield, you'll soon have it. Our third and final closed beta event starts November 20th and runs until December 6th! If you've been in any of our Alphas or Betas you're automatically added to CBE3. If you're still in need of a code, stay tuned for even more chances to nab one.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank everyone that killed me out on the battlefield. There were truly too many of you to count. I look forward to seeing more of your rockets screaming toward me just a little too late to do anything about it.


#311636 Producer Letter: The Next Update

Posted [HWK]HUGHES on July 18 2013 - 02:09 PM


It seems like only yesterday I was wondering where the month of May went but I suppose that’s what happens when you’re having fun; time flies. I think in every update I've provided here on the HAWKEN forums, I mention the incredible effort that everyone puts forth to make the game all that it can be. Mentioning it again doesn't make it any less true. We are all hard at work putting those finishing touches on our next update and I want to take a moment to discuss with all of you a bit about what’s going on.

We haven’t provided a lot of updates lately and that large gap between updates wasn't intentional. Not only have we had our heads down focused and hard at work but what we wanted to get done ended up taking longer than originally intended; sometimes that happens in development. As many of you know there were also some company changes with now an even greater focus placed on the HAWKEN client and one of the things that happened as a result was a shift in community management to the studio in California so that the interaction with you, the loyal supporters of the game can have an even more direct line to development. That transition took some time but we now have ZamboniChaos in the house and we're able to be even more efficient at communicating with all of you!

There were some big changes we wanted for the game but it became a matter of timing, us balancing work between support for the version already in your hands and the work needed to develop new features. Work on much of this started before we even released our Facility update and started in a separate development stream so as to not break our primary stream. After the Facility update was released, we started merging those changes into our main stream which essentially meant no going back! Hopefully you'll understand why that was the case when you see more information about what’s coming but make no mistake, we've spent months of work on this update.

The community means the world to us and it’s a big part why we wanted to unveil what’s coming on the weekly episode of The Cockpit rather than making a simple post. I hope you were able to catch the show but just in case you weren't, we have you covered here with some of the bullet points summarizing what was unveiled. We aren't diving into the nuts and bolts of each feature just yet though. We want to discuss these features in a more focused way and we'll be breaking down the patch into more specifics over the course of the coming few weeks.


We are rolling out something new starting in just a few days and we hope it will help the game out tremendously. We have a select team of supporters who will start having early access to builds of HAWKEN so that we can get even more eyes on updates, helping us revise and refine to an even greater degree than previously. We are nothing without the community and while it may seem simple, it’s taken a while to get support for this program up and running. There’s no better time to start it either especially with what’s rolling out next.

The first build going live for the Advance Battalion has plenty of rough edges, plenty… we are well aware of this fact but we don’t want to wait to get feedback and bug reports only after it goes live to the world; we need it before. The goal is for us to feel even more confident about where an update is sitting first with the Advance Battalion so we can release updates to everyone in an even more polished and balanced state. This is not something we plan to do just for this update alone but rather it’s something intended to be ongoing, continuing throughout the life of the game. We hope to start getting data and feedback from this first update as early as this weekend with a roll out of the patch to everyone else taking place in the coming weeks.


Here is a partial bullet point list of what we've been working on for the upcoming patch, in no particular order. This is relatively high level only so please don’t treat them as patch notes and there are many more details to surface behind each one of these features. Some of these features are still undergoing internal review so while this is the intended list, there may be one or two features held back a single patch to further revise as needed.
  • NEW: Party System - Group together with your friends before entering matches
  • NEW: Party Matchmaking - Join matches and cry havoc together with your friends, now easier to do than ever before
  • NEW: New User Experience - We have added much more information within the game and menus for players of all skill levels to help guide their experience and teach them even more about the HAWKEN and how to make the most of it
  • NEW: Clan Indication in the Client - Clans will be managed from the website, but you’ll see tags in front of your clan members while you’re in the game much like how you've been seeing our [HWK] tags
  • NEW: XP Overflow - Have you leveled up a mech completely, if so it’ll now continue to generate XP and you’ll be able to transfer that excess XP to another mech of your choosing, leveling it up much faster
  • NEW: Last Eco Map - Supports Siege, Missile Assault, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch, just don’t get lost in the foliage
  • NEW: Co-Op Bot Training - You and a team of 3 others can play online and train against enemy drones and mechs but will you be able to destroy them all
  • NEW: Offline Team Deathmatch Training - If you are new to HAWKEN but want to get a better feel for the game before jumping into live matches, give this training mode a try
  • NEW: Pilot Progression System - Your pilot now levels up in addition to your mechs, bringing with it even more unlockables
  • NEW: Tuning System - The Optimization system is no more and is now the Tuning system, a system that brings some uniqueness to each subclass, helping to further customize how that subclass plays
  • NEW: Elite Skins - Full mech torso replacement skins with unique paint jobs, not just camos
  • NEW: Daily Reward Bonuses - Get some regular bonuses for just being a supportive player
  • NEW: Completely New Menus / UI - A complete overhaul of the menu and UI
  • NEW: Completely New Gameplay HUD - A complete overhaul of the gameplay HUD
  • NEW: Basic Tutorial - We have a completely new tutorial to help new players get themselves familiar with the game in even better ways than before
  • NEW: Basic Oculus Rift Support - If you have an Oculus Rift, we now provide some basic support so you can experience HAWKEN in a new and exciting way
  • NEW: Mech Progression System - Mech progression received a complete overhaul with more options for the player and more rewards for leveling up, this includes brand new content associated with this new system, goes hand in hand with the new pilot progression as well
  • NEW: Matchmaking System - More factors are taken into account than previously and small touches such as more advanced team balancing will help make the player experience even better, we'll always be watching this system to determine improvements
  • NEW: Internals System - Internals will no longer be simply stat based but they’ll add a more meaningful layer to customization, further changing up how people play… how about doing a 180 spin in the air...
  • NEW: Item Slot System - No more item categories as they were previously organzed, items now have multiple strength levels so players will need to decide between taking more but weaker items with them, or less items but ones that pack a bit more punch
  • NEW: Mech C Turret Mode - Each heavy class special ability have some more benefits associated with them and in addition, players will be able to boost while in the mode
  • Bug fixes, polish, optimizations, updated FX, replacement cockpit interiors, a new mech and more…
For clarification, no pilot progress will be lost and we aren't starting people over from scratch. We’ll have more details on how migration will work as we get closer to release.


We are very close to being finished with this patch and as mentioned, we’re really going to be focusing on using our Advance Battalion to take advantage of some extra feedback at earlier stages in development. This will only serve to advance the game and community as a whole. With the significant changes taking place, our internal testing team just do not have enough hours in the day to cover everything themselves; they already work themselves to the bone. We also have our own laundry list of items to fix that didn't quite make the cutoff for this build and we’ll be getting plenty of feedback from external testing as well so we need some time to make those changes and process all the feedback.

The goal is to release the next update worldwide in the coming weeks but we aren't ready to state a specific date yet due to the sheer volume of changes and there is so much dependent on emerging feedback and balancing needs. That being said, we will certainly be keeping communication channels open and will speak to more details as we go through these final stages of patch development. We are genuinely excited to be bringing this energizing update your way and while we apologize for the wait, we really hope you feel the wait is worth it.

Thank you again for the continued and never ending support, it means so much to everyone working on the game. We wouldn't have what we do without all of you!

#133892 Promo Codes

Posted The_L1ne on December 17 2012 - 05:20 PM

Hi Community,
i just wanted to open a thread for all promo-codes/give-aways and such stuff about hawken. right now there is a give-away of some free HP if you type in "MACHINIMECH" in the redeem-code-section at the website. You will get a bit less than a new mech :D

If you got other codes please feel free to add them ;)

I will try to list them here:
1. completely free for Hawken Users:
  • for 10k HP thanks to LucidX: GAMESTAR_HAWKEN
  • Code for 3-day-XP-Boost: NEWRECRUIT
  • for 2k HP; Code: PLAYIT_HAWKEN
2. not completly free (registration needed or sth. comparable): 3. expired promos:
  • New code for 5K HC for 'fans' of the Emerald City Comicon: Found here:
    http://www.playhawken.com/eccc2013, thanks to bacon_avenger
  • View PostdEd101, on March 03 2013 - 10:39 PM, said:

    I randomly check this thread and get 15k worth of codes. Nice.

    Because this is on a new page and OP not updated yet:

    HAWKENPAXEAST (valid after 3/22/2013)

    HAWKENSXSW (valid after 3/8/2013)

    HAWKENGDC (valid after 3/22/2013)
  • 18.12.12 - 19.12.12 - "MACHINIMECH"-code for 6000 HC, thanks to machinima:
  • 18.12.12 until 01.01.13 - grab a free copy of this comic: http://www.comixolog...comic/DIG002550 get 2000 HC, thanks to Kana
  • doubled HC on last weekends of december for everybody + 5000 HC vie Christmas-e-mail (you have to check the "send me news"-box in your settings to get it. if you don't, open a support-ticket) !

#94557 Preview HAWKEN: Genesis, Get a Closed Beta Code!

Posted Scapes on November 16 2012 - 10:18 AM

We've released the first of four preview issues of HAWKEN: Genesis, the original graphic novel based on HAWKEN. Check it out on comiXology.com and get a Closed Beta code! The code can be found on the last page of the preview issue.


Read the full press release here:



The first installment arrives through comiXology Nov. 14, 2012 and features an exclusive code guaranteeing access to the third closed beta event of the HAWKEN video game

Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 14, 2012) – Award-winning graphic novel publisher Archaia Entertainment and free-to-play video game publisher Meteor Entertainment have teamed up with comiXology to debut four, free exclusive digital preview issues of HAWKEN: GENESIS, a hardcover graphic novel based on the highly anticipated online video game, HAWKEN! Today marks the release of the first exclusive preview throughout comiXology's revolutionary digital comics platform available across the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and the Web. This exclusive digital preview includes a special access code for HAWKEN’S third closed beta event, happening November 20th – December 6th 2012.  Adhesive and Meteor have been so thankful for the fan feedback in the first two closed betas they couldn’t wait to extend the invite to the graphic novel audience.

The HAWKEN: GENESIS full-length graphic novel arrives March 2013 and will be published by Archaia Entertainment. This hard-hitting OGN establishes and explores the exciting world of Illal, the backdrop for the HAWKEN video game universe. Developed alongside Khang Le (Project Offset, Flight), the game’s Creative Director and lead conceptual designer of Adhesive Games, and featuring the talent of some of the industry’s top conceptual artists, comic illustrators, and painters, HAWKEN: GENESIS is both a prequel and sourcebook to the epic warfare players will experience firsthand in the HAWKEN video game. Readers will get an amazing look at the vast post-apocalyptic mythology behind HAWKEN and follow the stories of the pivotal individuals that determine Illal's fate!

“Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment have developed such a unique and enticing war-torn future,” said Wes Harris, Meteor’s Vice President, Transmedia Publishing. “This digital release is a great way to expand our transmedia partnership with Archaia through comiXology while providing great opportunities for our fans to get access to the closed beta of the game.”

“Exploring the origin of that war and the dynamic, powerful personalities that set the political drama in motion was as exciting to create as it is to read,” added Jack Cummins, President & COO of Archaia. “We’re thrilled to premiere this material in digital form through comiXology and can’t wait to release the full graphic novel for eager HAWKEN fans.”

The first exclusive comiXology digital preview, “Prelude to Ruin,” is written by Jeremy Barlow (Mass Effect, Star Wars) and illustrated by Francisco Ruiz Velasco (concept artist on The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, and Hellboy 2).

HAWKEN is the award-winning, multiplayer, first-person-shooter (FPS) game for PC published by Meteor Entertainment. HAWKEN puts players in the pilot seat of a futuristic war machine. Going into open beta on 12.12.12 (December 12th), players can customize and upgrade their mechs from a wealth of accessories and styles. Players can then join their friends on the battlefield to rain destruction across HAWKEN’s beautiful and immersive landscapes. And most exciting of all, HAWKEN is FREE-TO-PLAY. Players can visit www.PlayHawken.com to register.

Three more exclusive digital previews will premiere monthly only through comiXology, and ultimately leading to the hardcover’s release this March.

HAWKEN: GENESIS is written by Khang Le and Jeremy Barlow and illustrated by Kody Chamberlain, Federico Dallocchio, Nathan Fox, Michael Gaydos, Bagus Hutomo, Sid Kotian, Khang Le, Christopher Moeller, Alex Sanchez, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Francisco Ruiz Velasco. It will debut March 2013.

#218667 Who wants some lego mechs_

Posted NotKjell on February 27 2013 - 09:32 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Just to be a bit of a tease, going to be making and giving away one Brawler on the cockpit at PAX. Brawler stands about 6.5-7" tall with ~700 bricks and is fully articulated, with the CR-T clocking in around 350 bricks. Brawler can kinda go to turret mode, though the devs had to cheat geometry or something for turret mode to get as small as it is in game. Still, it was interesting to make and if anyone was interesting in one or another mech I could try and make those.

Going to be making Reaper next. Unless I deem it impossible


View PostNotKjell, on March 10 2013 - 11:12 AM, said:

As far as making kits for people, I have not gotten a yes OR no back from any devs I have bugged. However considering devs themselves have expressed interest and I have not been told not to I will be moving forward on them. It will still take some time though, as due to some miscommunication I have only just ordered the parts today (though it should all arrive in time for PAX). For the original brawler I simply want to double check that it builds and holds itself together properly first before giving out any kits etc.

#331065 The HAWKEN Data Stream

Posted [HWK]ZamboniChaos on August 23 2013 - 02:44 PM

Greetings pilots!

Welcome to the HAWKEN Data Stream! This initiative is intended to showcase some of the awesome content we've been working on, and give you a sneak peak into what you'll be experiencing in the upcoming patch.

Starting August 23 and continuing until August 30 (excluding weekends), we will be adding a new piece of teaser content to this thread each day. Keep your eyes open!

We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm, and we hope you enjoy this taste of our next update!


[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]AUGUST 23[/font]

[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]CR-T Recruit Progression Skin[/font]

Posted Image

Each mech has a brand new progression skin that is unlocked piece by piece as you progress through mech ranks. The screenshot above is one example of what Fred could look like once his max level is attained!


[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]AUGUST 26[/font]

[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]New Internals[/font]

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The internals above provide a glimpse into the way we have re-designed our internal system. Before, internals inflicted a stat penalty in exchange for negligible bonuses. Now, internals will add more flexibility to a pilot's particular playstyle.


[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]AUGUST 27[/font]

[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]Mech Unlock Tree[/font]

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This image demonstrates the paths by which you can unlock and add new mechs to your Garage. Every mech in the game can be unlocked through a combination of mech and pilot progression.

(Updated with new image.)


[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]AUGUST 28[/font]

[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]Chassis Art[/font]

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Introducing Chassis Art! Our artists have been hard at work designing several colorful and creative designs that you can use to further customize your mech.


[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]AUGUST 29[/font]

[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]Improved Map Optimization[/font]

Posted Image

Posted Image

Above are two examples of how we've improved our map optimization. Not only do maps have increased graphical fidelity, they have also been tweaked to provide pilots with increased performance and smoother gameplay.


[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]AUGUST 30[/font]

[font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"]HAWKEN: Ascension[/font]

HAWKEN: Ascension is the largest content update for HAWKEN so far. Improvements to progression, gameplay, performance and more are what await you in this highly anticipated patch.

More details will be revealed when the HAWKEN: Ascension patch notes are released on September 2.


#25278 HAWKEN Alpha 2 Announcement

Posted Scapes on September 14 2012 - 06:44 PM

Penny Arcade Expo 2012 has ended and holy cow, WHAT a show! We were so excited to get fans into our booth to play HAWKEN, and boy did you ever! We had lines to play all three days and even then we weren’t able to get everyone through who wanted to play. Some of the fans in attendance were lucky enough to snag codes for our Alpha 2 test. But how to redeem them_!

If you were one of the lucky PAX attendees to receive a code for Alpha 2 and have been trying to figure out how to redeem it, fear not! We’ll be rolling out a new website (and forums) very soon and it will allow you to apply your code to your HAWKEN account! While we haven’t announced an exact date for this roll-out, it’s coming in a couple of weeks.

You couldn’t make it to PAX but want in on Alpha 2_ We’ll be sending out Alpha 2 invites to some fans who have enlisted on the official HAWKEN website to help us test the game and stress our servers. PROTIP: If you haven’t yet, enlist right now! Following Alpha 2 is our Closed Beta Test with more information to come as we get closer to its start date. Want to know the best way to increase your chances of suiting up in your mech before launch_ Participate on the official forums to stay up to date on all things HAWKEN!

#288542 Saturnine's Guide to the Classes *UPDATED for March Patch*

Posted Saturnine on June 04 2013 - 05:59 PM

Saturnine's Guide to the Classes

A common question I see people asking all over the place, on and off the forums, is the question "Which mech should I pick next_" Whenever I try to answer this question, I always do my best to see what kind of mech the person asking the question has been piloting is, then go from there and try and find out what they did and did not like about that particular mech.

As you can imagine, this tends to be a fairly time-consuming process, so I decided that I would write a guide for all of the mechs, and go over their strengths and weaknesses relative to each other. This way, people can make a more informed decision about which mech they should pick next if they liked their current mech, or, similarly, which mechs they may want to avoid for one reason or another.

Now, I am well aware that an Official Game Guide was released just recently, however I do think that this guide has its own, separate purpose in helping people come to a decision on their next mech. This guide will be giving more in-depth analysis on each mech's capabilities standing on it's own, as well as relative to the others. This way you, and others in the community, can make a more informed decision as to where to go next. This guide will hopefully be simple enough that it will still be helpful to new players, as well as in-depth enough to teach some of the more experienced pilots a few new things. Sooo... let the guide begin!

Table of Contents
- Intro
- The CRT Recruit
- A classes
- B classes
-G2 Assault
- C classes
   *Vanguard Cupcake
- Weapons
   *Secondary Weapons
   *Primary Weapons
- Stats
- Credits
   *Useful Links

CR-T Recruit

Overview: Also well known as Fred, the Recruit mech is the first mech that all players receive when they begin playing Hawken. As such, as well as because of its appearance, Fred gets a bit of a bad reputation among many players. However, that reputation is not necessarily well deserved, because even though it's the starting mech, it is still a capable all-arounder mech up through to the higher levels of play.

Weapons: The Recruit’s secondary weapon is the TOW launcher, which is pretty powerful, versatile, and easy to use, which makes it a great introduction for new players, while still being versatile enough for the advanced players. Its default primary is the Assault Rifle, the alternate primary earned at rank 3 is the SMC, and the prestige primary is the Vulcan. These weapons are all easy to use, and can be fairly powerful, making the Recruit a good introduction for newbies while still offering options for veterans. However, note that all of the CRTs primaries are sustained fire weapons, leaving little variety.

Ability: The Recruits active ability is Weapons Coolant, which allows the user to immediately nullify any heat buildup, even if you have overheated. This allows a CRT user to stay in combat twice as long as other mech choices – provided you can keep your health up. This ability is particularly useful when using the Vulcan primary, as it tends to generate heat faster than the other two primaries, though it is far from useless with the Assault Rifle or Sub Machine Cannon. There are always going to be situations where you find yourself in a longer fight than you expected, and the weapons coolant will assure that you can stay in the fight as long as possible and bring your opponent down.


Armor: 525
Fuel Tank: 102 liters
Boost Speed: 30.44 m/s
Fuel Regen: 11.10 l/s
Run Speed: 17.5 m/s
Air Speed: 14.5 m/s
Radar: 112.5 meters
Cooling Systems: 4 seconds
Dodge Cooldown: 1.2 seconds

As a B class mech, the Recruit is average in many ways. Average health, speed, fuel, etc.

If you like the Recruit, chances are that you're a fan of automatic weapons. If you don't like the recruit, good news! There are many other mechs that you may like better. If you're moving from the Recruit, chances are you're just starting out, which means it's the best time to figure out what exactly you do like. These suggestions are fairly different from the Recruit, and represent some new play styles you may enjoy. The suggestions section on the CRT, Berserker, and Assault will be more in depth than the others, because I believe new players will be more likely to be coming from them, and will be seeking more guidance than someone coming from, say, a Raider.

If you like the CRT:
A Classes:
Berserker: In my opinion, this is the simplest, most obvious evolution between classes in the game. The Berserker and Recruit share the same weapons, and the only real difference between them is the B class to A class transition, and the different ability. If you want to get into the A classes coming from a background with the Recruit, the Berserker is easily the path of least resistance.
C classes: If you want to get into C classes now is the time to do it. Many people find the slow speed and lack of maneuverability of C classes hard to get used to. However, the beginning of your Hawken career is the best time to learn to play a C class. If you wait until later, you may find the slow speed extremely frustrating.
Brawler: Big, strong, and not too difficult to use. If you are just getting into C classes, this one will probably be the easiest for you to get used to.

If you want to try something different:
A Classes:
Scout: Not too difficult to get used to - but this is a great burst mech on an A class frame, if you want to ease into burst classes.
Infiltrator: If you want an A class, but want neither burst fire nor sustained fire, turn to the Infiltrator. This mech uses (mostly) indirect fire weapons like grenades, the Heat Cannon, and the EOC Repeater. Can be somewhat difficult, but is well worth it.
Technician: If you want to get into Hawken’s first support class, this wouldn’t be a bad time to do it. The two classes share some similarities with automatic weapons and such, so the transition shouldn’t be too difficult.
Reaper: If you want a direct fire mech in a lighter body, like the Berserker, the Reaper may be what you’re looking for. The Reaper is more precision focused than either the Berserker or the Recruit, but that may well be the direction you are looking to go coming from the CRT.

B Classes:
Bruiser: Try the Bruiser. Like the CRT, this guy... doesn't have the best reputation. However, there are people out there who like playing this mech quite a bit, and it may just be your cup of tea. Disclaimer: Bruiser got its iffy reputation for a reason: it’s a hard mech to get used to. But there are players out there who found it worthwhile, so you might too.

A Classes

A class chassis mechs are the lightest and fastest in the game, but the most fragile.

A class mechs are the most popular in the game at present.


Overview: The Berserker is an A class mech fitted with automatic weapons and a TOW launcher, making it good for hit and run tactics. Its weapons, in conjunction with its Ballistic Barrage ability, can deal significant damage to enemies while still allowing you to get back out quickly.

Weapons: The Berserker’s default primary weapon is the SMC, which is well suited to getting into combat range dealing damage, and getting back out while keeping the pressure on foes. Its alternate primary is the Assault Rifle, which allows the 'zerker to put the pressure on enemies from further away than the SMC may generally allow. The prestige primary is the Vulcan, which means the Berserker can quickly tear apart its opponents from up close, at the expense of some longer range viability. Finally, the TOW Launcher allows for quite a lot of options at various ranges and situations, as a strong and consistent damage dealer.

Ability: The Berserkers Ballistic Barrage ability increases damage output by 25% for 10 seconds, which really increases the 'zerkers ability to rip straight through opponents when used with the Vulcan, and adds a nice punch to the damage of the Assault Rifle and SMC.

You may have noticed... the Berserker's weapons are the same as the CRT Recruit and the Assault. This makes it a nice easy choice going from the starter mech and transitioning into A classes. However, if you've seen the CRT and the Berserker, you've seen the bulk of the automatic style mechs! Moving on from here, you'll be moving into unknown territory. If you're comfortable here, so be it! But there are a lot of interesting options waiting for you.


Armor: 355
Fuel Tank: 92 liters
Boost Speed: 35.12 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.62 l/s
Run Speed: 19 m/s
Air Speed: 24.36 m/s
Radar: 105 meters
Cooling Systems: 5.25 seconds
Dodge Cooldown: 1 second

If you like the Berserker:
CRT Recruit: You may have played this guy plenty already. If not, maybe give Fred a second look_
Scout: It's an A class, and it uses hitscan weapons and the TOW. Fairly similar! Different enough to be interesting though.
Raider: It'€™s a B class with burst weapons, but early primaries are hitscan, and the secondary is an inbetween between the TOW and the Grenade Launcher, so it won'€™t be too difficult a transition, and it will prepare you to use other mechs, as well.

If you want something different:
Infiltrator: The Infiltrator gives you some new options with it’s indirect fire weapons, making it an interesting choice, however, note that it is an A class, which means if you are looking for something more unusual, you may want to jump into...
Grenadier: If you want to go straight off the deep end and into something VERY different, this one is for you. All indirect fire weapons, all unfamiliar, and on top of all that its a C class, so it will be a lot slower than you are used to. But it is different as hell, and if you treat it well it'll treat you well back. Your enemies wont be treated particularly well at all, though.
Rocketeer: Similar thought process as grenadier. Very different weapons, very different style. You'll need to put some work in but it can pay off.


Overview: The Infiltrator is an A class mech that has a unique ability, as well as some very interesting choices for primary weapons that allow it to do some cool things on the battlefield. Its weapons used in conjunction with the Infiltrators Camouflage ability allow it to sneak up on unaware opponents and unleash an enormously powerful barrage of shots in an instant. Beware, however, experienced pilots will be watching out for the shimmer made by the Infiltrators camouflage mode, and you may well be hit, even when you thought you were hidden.

Weapons: The Infiltrator’s default primary is the Assault Rifle, which you are probably familiar with, though you may find its use to be at odds with the Infiltrators secondary, the Grenade Launcher. Because the GLs grenades travel in an arc, you generally have to aim above, or lead your target in order to hit them, which means you aren't aiming directly at them to hit with the Assault Rifle. However, the ease of use and strength of the Assault Rifle means you may still find you prefer the AR on your infiltrator. From here, the other options are more difficult to use, though their strength and versatility may well prove worthwhile once the learning curve is overcome. The alternate primary for the infiltrator is the Heat Cannon, which, with practice, can deal some great damage, and even has a small damage radius to deal damage on near misses. The prestige primary is the EOC Repeater, which for a long time has been famous for how difficult it is to use properly, but once learned the damage potential is enormous. Finally, the Grenade Launcher is the Infiltrators secondary weapon. Using this you can hit enemies just out of sight with solid damage.

Ability: The Infiltrator’s Camouflage ability allows it to camouflage itself for a while,  and the Infiltrator can move around almost invisibly, and off the radar until you fire a weapon use an item, or run out of fuel. Remember that with the Invasion patch, the Infiltrator's ability time is tied to its fuel, so if you try to use it AFTER running away, you'll find that you lose your cloak immediately. However, the actual ability cooldown is extremely short now, so you can generally go invisible any time that you have the fuel. Keep in mind that since the cloak isn't perfect, using it mid conflict is not likely to keep you safe. Instead, using it to come into a fight will allow you to single out an opponent and hit them with a huge strike before they know you are there. With the Tuning System patch, this ability also increases the speed of your mech when used like with the Raider.


Armor: 330
Fuel Tank: 106 liters
Boost Speed: 37.28 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.99 l/s
Run Speed: 19.5 m/s
Air Speed: 17.4 m/s
Radar: 120 meters
Cooling Systems: 5 seconds
Dodge Cooldown: 1 second

If you like the Infiltrator:
Scout: This'€™ll probably be a fairly easy transition, though note that Scout is a closer range, direct fire, burst focused class, and the Infiltrator is more about indirect fire. However, sharing the same class, a primary, and some resultant playstyle between it all, the transition between the two shouldn't be too difficult.
Grenadier: Its basically a fat Infiltrator! Being a C class, you may have trouble getting used to the speed, but there is a lot of potential with this fatty.
Rocketeer: Again, a C class, but if you're looking for something a bit different, the Rocketeer may do you good as a transition. If you just can't handle how slow C classes are, however...
Bruiser: Try the bruiser. Like the CRT, this guy... doesn't have the best reputation. However, there are people out there who like playing this mech quite a bit, and it may just be your cup of tea.
Raider: If you want to move a bit away from indirect fire, try this guy out. Strong burst damage mech, and its ability eases the transition into slower mechs.
Predator: If you like going invisible, but aren't liking the fuel cost too much, try the Predator. No fuel cost for going invisible, while still being able to lay traps for your opponents and the ability to control how you come into a fight.


Overview: The Reaper was the first new mech to be released following the beginning of open beta, and it fills a role as a sort of closer range precision marksman, which is in contrast to the Sharpshooters long range role. For a while following its release, few players favoured it because it was perceived to be too weak to effectively compete at higher levels. More recently, however, more players have come to realize that while Reapers have similar weapons to Sharpshooters, these weapons on the Reaper are maximally effective at medium ranges. Now, there is a fairly large contingent of people who tend to prefer playing as Reapers, and are dominating the scoreboards in the process.

Weapons: The Reaper starts out with the AM-SAR as its default primary, which can do some solid damage if you can click quickly enough while keeping track of your target. The alternate primary unlocked at rank 3 is the Hawkins RPR which is a solid closer range option, though you may become more aware of your fragility as an A class as a result. The Reaper unlocks the Slug Rifle as its prestige weapon, and many players have found the Slug to be a perfect fit on their Reaper, though it is worth noting that more and more players are switching back to the AM-SAR, and are finding it to their liking.

Ability: Precision Overdrive is the Reapers ability, which gives near perfect accuracy for a limited time, and may be best paired with the AM-SAR or Ripper, when you find you need to get those extra few shots on a tricky opponent. However, overall, many players tend not to get too much use out of this ability, because at the mid ranges the Reaper thrives at, accuracy isn't generally too much of an issue. But in extended fights, you may find that extra bit of accuracy vital.


Armor: 350
Fuel Tank: 80 Liters
Boost Speed: 34.4 m/s
Fuel Regen: 13.32 l/s
Run Speed: 20.5 m/s
Air Speed: 16.24 m/s
Radar: 135 meters
Cooling Systems: 4 seconds
Dodge Cooldown: 1 second

If you like the Reaper:
Sharpshooter: This is probably a bit obvious. If you like the Reaper, but wish you had a bit more range, this is for you.
Rocketeer: Stay with me here. Rocketeer IS a fatty C class, and it uses explosive weapons and not hitscan, but it is THE long range support option with explosives. It'll probably take some getting used to, but you may find it worthwhile if you like long range damage and suppression.
Berserker: If you're more of a fan of the closer range side of the engagements Reaper allows you to become embroiled in, the auto weapon fire of the 'zerker might be for you! Alternatively...
Scout: If you like being up close, but want to stay bursty, the scout may well be for you!
Technician: If you want to get into Hawken's first support class, going in from the Reaper wouldn't be a bad choice. Both of the Technicians primaries are relatively similar to what is available on the Reaper, and the Ripper is of course straight off of it.


Overview: The Scout is the premier A class burst mech, sporting the games' shotguns and the TOW launcher, in conjunction with an ability that allows it to move farther, and dodge for longer than any other mech, allowing it the ability to get in and out of combat better and more smoothly than any other mech in the game, provided you play it right, and you can take your opponents out before they get you.

Weapons: The Scout starts out with the Mini Flak which lets it be very annoying to any opponents, on top of high damage potential straight from the get-go. If you feel that the Mini Flak lacks enough 'umph' per shot to get you excited, have no fear, because at rank 3 you unlock the big Flak Cannon that does much more damage per shot, which means you can shred the armor of your enemies very quickly in-between dodges back into the safety of cover. Finally, if you wish you had more range than the Flak Cannons have, the prestige primary for the Scout is the Heat Cannon, which will still give you plenty of damage while allowing for more leniency at various ranges. Tie those together with the all-range potential of the TOW Rocket, and you have a mech with the potential to be seriously dangerous.

Ability: The Scouts active ability is the Fuel Reserves, which quickly replenish about half of the Scouts total fuel capacity, allowing the Scout to boost farther, or dodge for longer in extended engagements, giving the Scout the edge in survivability compared to other A classes in general. However, you have to have the skill and awareness to put that extra fuel to good use. This ability also increases the speed of the Scout when used, just like with the Raider.


Armor: 320
Fuel Tank: 74 liters
Boost Speed: 39.80 m/s
Fuel Regen: 8.14 l/s
Run Speed: 22.5 m/s
Air Speed: 15.66 m/s
Radar: 165 meters
Cooling Systems: 4.75 seconds
Dodge Cooldown: 1 second

If you like the Scout:
Brawler: You were all expecting this! The Brawler is more or less the Scouts' fat C class cousin, packing the same great damage potential in a beefier, if somewhat slower chassis.
Raider: If you like the burst potential, but want to be bulkier, and yet not TOO slow, then the Raider is for you. Great burst damage potential on a chassis that has the ability to be the fastest class in the game.
Sharpshooter: If you have to have that high burst damage, but are really looking for that increased range, then the Sharpshooter is for you.
Infiltrator: Infiltrator is all about the indirect fire, but seeing as they share the same class and a primary, you may find that there is enough overlap in playstyle to make this transition a smooth one.


Overview: The Tech fills a support role that had previously only been dubiously held by the Rocketeer and Bruiser. The Technician comes equipped with the Repair Torch, with which you can heal allies or equipment, or use a 'vampire beam' to suck health away from enemies. The Technician has the only debuff weapon in the game, and a light damage dealer in the form of the Ripper. Watch out for the high heat gen on this mech as well, it can quickly sneak up on you if you get caught up healing allies!

Weapons: The Technician starts off equipped with the Redox-O2 by default, a weapon that fires projectiles that apply a debuff to opponents hit by it. This debuff is an armor debuff, and each projectile applies a debuff that increases with each hit up to a maximum.  The alternate primary unlocked upon reaching rank 3 is the Hawkins-RPR, which allows a more vanilla damage dealing option for techs that are seeking such an option. However, take note that research indicates that if you can land your Redox hits, you’ll deal a significant amount more damage to an attacker, and considering that you will probably have teammates helping you on top of that, using the Redox is something to consider. As of yet, the Technician does not have a prestige weapon, and it will likely come with a later patch. Now, for what makes the Technician the Technician; the secondary weapon is the Helix Repair Torch, which heals teammates at a rate of 50 health per second, and the user at a rate of 20 per second, so long as you are damaged, and you are actually healing your teammate. The Repair Torch also comes with an alternate fire mode that allows you to fire a Vampire Beam that is significantly less sticky than the healing beam, but has more range to damage your enemies. The Vampire Beam is referred to as such because it heals you so long as you are damaging an opponent with it, though the healing rate is relatively slow; approximately 11 health per second. Important note regarding internals and the Repair Torch: None of the internals currently affect the Repair Torch - so don't go looking for internals to improve your healing rate. Instead look for the internals that negatively affect secondary weapons - they have no effect on the Repair Torch!

Ability: The Technician is nearly defined by its ability, like the Infiltrator. The Amplification ability changes the Repair Torch’s healing beam green, and heals friendly units at a drastically increased rate over the lifetime of the ability. The heal rate is such that a single enemy is highly unlikely to out damage the repair rate, if it is even possible. The green beam can single-handedly turn the tide of battles, which is in itself a major point of contention for much of the community, and may well see changes in a future patch. In the meantime, the smart use and timing of the green beam is an important aspect to Tech use, and should be practiced by any prospective Technician pilot. One thing to note: the Amplification beam does not increase the damage output of the Deconstruction Beam on the Healing Torch, but it does still increase the rate of self-healing.


Armor: 315
Fuel Tank: 100 liters
Boost Speed: 33.68 m/s
Fuel Regen: 10.36 l/s
Run Speed: 23.5 m/s
Air Speed: 15.66 m/s
Radar: 120 meters
Cooling Systems: 4.5 seconds
Dodge Cooldown: 1 second

Of course, at the moment, there are no other healing or buff/debuff mechs in Hawken at the moment! So if you were looking for another support mech like the Tech, you're out of luck for the moment. However, there are plenty of good options in the more traditional classes for you...

If you like the Technician:
Reaper: The Reaper shares a chassis class and a primary with the Technician, and so could be a likely point of entry into an offensive version of the Tech for curious pilots.
Berserker: Still small and quick, and still has those automatic fire weapons you may have grown used to on the Tech. Nice and easy choice!
CRT-Recruit/Assault: Just like the Berserker, but in a B class chassis! Fire away at your opponents and don'€™t worry too much if you miss a lot - your ability allows you to nullify all heat generation once a minute.

#389762 Leon the lion on The Cockpit.

Posted Nept on November 17 2013 - 11:23 AM

If this post receives 50+ likes, Leon will dress as a lion for the next episode of The Cockpit.

You're welcome.

*Edit* Leon was mean and demanded 100 likes.  He thought he'd be safe, but we've just hit 101 likes!

OmniNept: well
OmniNept: I'm sure you'll look adorable
Leonhardt: Well yeah
Leonhardt: I am gonna go shopping for a costume in a bit lol

#407638 New mech: Bouncer (Nepacaka is here. Devs, look here pls.)

Posted nepacaka on December 17 2013 - 11:46 AM

Guys, the last time I has promised you to do something incredible, and it seems, I made it!
I present to you the new C-class Mech: Bouncer! (built on a new chassis type: “Barker”)
Also, Devs, I'm really asking you to visit this topic!

Black text - a story/information
Pink text - my remarks, thoughts

Well, let’s begin!
So, start with the concept art:
Posted Image
And Bouncer “unique” body chassis: "Freebooter" (buy on 720MC)
Posted Image

Bouncer in Hawken Universe (press "spoiler" to read a little story):


Posted Image

Bouncer Tuning system:

Weapon loader – 100%
Heatsinks – 94% (with full tuning – 84%)
Armor – 1010 (with full tuning - 1110)
Boost thrusters – 23.76 (with full tuning - 28.8)
Suspensions – 1.664 (with full tuning - 1.37)
Hydraulics - 11
Air Dynamics - 2
Generator – 11.5 (with full tuning - 15)
Fuel Tank - 71
Cooling Units – 7.5
Radar – 75 (with full tuning -  180)
The number is approximate.

Bouncer Weapon:

1) Default – Induction Rifle (New weapon, information below)
2) Alternative – Sub Machinegun (for continuous and easy fight)
3) Prestige – ReFlak-35 (to little increase burst damage, but lose in the distance)

1) Default – Linerack (New weapon, information below)

First of all, I would like to tell you about “Linerack”. This is secondary support-weapon having two firing modes. (You may change it with mouse-scroll)
In the first mode - this high-caliber automatic rifle (good only on mid-range);
In the second mode - it paired two barreled gun (good only on close-range).
Here's how it looks:
Posted Image

Linerack stats:

Linerack - This is a great support weapon, it combines two modes of fire that makes good use of it for any situation on the battlefield. Linerack based on the old sample weapon: “heavy auto-cannon SG-Hastings”, but was modified switching mechanism fire for maximum effectiveness in fight.
(Line - a synonym of “direction”, because the bullets used guide rails after the shot.
Rack - the meaning of “frame, rack, chassis” etc. just basis of weapon, system which supports lines in motion, therefore weapon called – “Linerack”)

Automatic mode:
27 dmg per bullet / RoF 1.55 / DPS (27*1.55=41.85dmg) / HeatRate - 1.8
Effective Range – 130m

Quite good Effective Range makes it a good support weapon if the enemy is far away from you, because splitshot mode is more good for close combat. Given the rather low spread, Linerack is well suited for medium range, with increasing distance damage drops sharply. Low rate of fire and DPS also makes the weapon very weak in close combat.

Splitshot mode:
2 bullet / 55dmg per bullet – 110dmg / RoF 0.34 / DPS (110*0.34=37.4dmg) / HeatRate - 9.25
Effective Range – 80m

Actually, splitshot mode is very good for close combat. In this mode Linerack makes  shot of two barrels simultaneously. The bullet spread is quite large, especially while movement/flying, but on short distance (50-80m) hit the target quite easily. With increasing distance, damage decreases very match.

Linerack first concept:

Induction Rifle stats:

Induction Rifle - The basis is the use of weapons of magnetic induction to disperse various small metal objects (such as bolts, screws, nuts, bearings), together with the use of the mech cooling system, heat energy is directed to Induction Rifle barrel, and melting the metal objects when shooting. Thus conventional metal junk turns into a powerful fiery bullet!
(Magnetic Induction Coil - I have no idea, how it works and what is this! Only of I know – this is an Electro-Magnet =). Nevertheless, this coil was the basis design. Hence the name - "induction rifle" or “inductor”)

Automatic mode:
11 - dmg per bullet with low heat
12 - dmg per bullet with medium heat
13 - dmg per bullet with high heat

RoF 8.2 / DPS (low heat=90.2 dmg / med heat =98.4 dmg/ high heat =106.6 dmg) / HeatRate - 0.867
Effective Range – 77m (but IR have a highest spread after 2 second of shooting)

Induction Rifle feature is that it is connected to the cooling system of the mech. Heating produced by firing Induction Rifle, is redirected in weapon barrel which heats the bullets material (bolts, screws, nuts, bearings) at constant shooting. Thus, when the mech overheated, Induction Rifle starts shooting candent pieces of metal. Which greatly amplifies the weapon DPS. Conversely, when there is no heating, weapon DPS will be decrease.

Induction rifle first concept:

Bouncer Ability (Turret-mode):

Converts the mech to heavy defense mode. Upgrades decrease the heat generation. Decrease maximum overheat time on -2 sec. while in turret mode. Give 25% front armor. -20% rear defense.
Rank 1
+1 m/s Turret Move Speed
Rank 2
+7% Transformation Speed
Rank 3
-2% Heat generation
Rank 4
+2 m/s Turret Boost Speed
Rank 5
-2 sec. maximum Overheat time while in turret (most interest idea)

Bouncer Features:

I wanted to design Bouncer so they had great advantages, but at the same time the price to pay for them would be great disadvantages. For example, Bouncer has a good boost speed, but because of the small fuel tank is forced to move in spurts, choosing the moment to attack and retreat to regenerate.

also the Bouncer main feature will be the best cooling system of the heavy (and not only heavy) mechs, which works together with “Induction Rifle”, reducing or increasing its damage, depending on the intensity of your action.

To prevented Bouncer is OP, I did not give him the opportunity to use Burst weapon, his gun contains a small burst (in combination Reflak-35 + Linerack Splitshot), but it is not too large. To deal more damage you should have visual contact with the enemy. And also don’t forget that despite on fast dodge k/d, you have enough fuel, which can also result in frustrating, if you play rashly or hastily.

Bouncer Gameplay:

Bouncer has an excellent cooling system, with the addition of tuning points he is able to maintain the combat capability without overheating much longer than the other C-Class' Mechs. Also recently on the forum has been interesting information about the mech "FireFighter" (which is the features “overheating enemies”). Bouncer would be less exposed to this new mechanics and armed with Induction Rifle he would become even more dangerous for his opponents. (see paragraph Induction Rifle stats)

Bouncer Engine: "VOSHOD"

"Voshod" engines that are included with the Bouncer. Design is simple, but not without charm. (sorry I have drawn of the curve right engine, sometimes I lose my sense of perspective :3)
Posted Image
and fire example (under spoiler)

Instruction: How to create mech in 10 steps

Dear community, I hope you liked my idea, and I ask you to support this theme. If there is the slightest chance that developers will see it, and maybe some of the ideas will go into the game, I'd like to use it. Do not remain indifferent. If we do nothing, then nothing will happen…
Thank you for your attention.

Regards, nepacaka.

#198403 Sentium / Prosk Logo

Posted erathic on February 04 2013 - 12:38 PM

Hey there, i updated this post and linked most of the stuffs created in this thread for a easier access.
I Hope you will like and maybe use them in your own Hawken fan-arts :)

note - * I'll put back some previews soon *

Crion / Prosk / Sentium - Non-official logos :

Posted Image

Cut-out versions (.png) version to make your own stuffs if you want :

Sentium "Wolf"
Prosk "Octopus"
Crion "Hawk"

Logos by others :

Prosk Logo by Dinre
Prosk Logo by SilentJacket

Sentium / Prosk / Crion - traced logos based on the graphic novel :

Posted Image
Cut-out versions (.png) version to make your own stuffs if you want :


Wallpapers :

Mechs :

Scout (1080p)

Posted Image

Brawler "Battlefield"
Infiltrator "Wanted"

Logos :
Crion logo on-red bg
Crion logo on geometric bg

Wallpapers by others :

Prosk Wallpaper by L33TG33K
Prosk Wallpaper by w4rell
Vintage Posters Mash-up by TazzGo

Vintage Hawken posters :

CR-T Recruit "Pick your free copy today!"
Rocketeer  "Walking Fortress"
SharpShooter "Enlist now"

Others stuffs :

mini-mech glyphs/logos :

Rocketeer / Brawler

Logos work-in-progress history :

Prosk Kross
Sentium Framed geometric wolf head
Sentium-Prosk-Crion Logos Tryout
Sentium-Prosk-Crion Logos Type

Others :

Indian Ink Art by Siolo

#244463 HAWKEN in a Nutshell: Expressing HAWKEN Situations with GIFs

Posted Gree on April 02 2013 - 01:58 PM

escaping with less than 10 hp when all your teammates are dead
Posted Image